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Selena- Amor Prohibido- Crop Top


Designer: BoBo GloBal

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Selena- Amor Prohibido- Crop Top
Our brand new beauty is here! We're so excited to share with you our very first  Selena Quintanilla design. This has been a long dream come to fruition. We are such huge fans of Selena, and I personally have been in awe of her since I was a kid listening, dancing and loving her songs for many years. 
Amor Prohibido is one of my favorite songs and 'Forbidden Love' is such a poetic line. This shirt conveys just that and the love that we all have for Selena. In this design you can feel the power of her presence, her beauty, the light that shined so bright from her like the star she is, her angelic aura, the white roses that she loved, and one side of her face as the life that she lived the other is her death as revealed in the day of the dead depiction. All screen printed on a super cute crop; a boxy fit, flowy, comfortable and chic.
  What better too then to have her on eco-friendly fabric! 50% is made from recycled polyester and the other 50% is Lenzing Modal. Modal is a semi-synthetic cellulose fiber that is made by spinning reconstituted cellulose, usually from beech trees. And, according to Lenzing, it is also produced using the Edelweiss "symbiotic" production process. Which means that the raw material (pulp) is processed at the same site as the modal fiber itself, allowing Lenzing to minimize its use of energy and other such resources. When beech trees are grown using sustainable harvesting methods, the wood from this tree represents a much more sustainable option than other thirsty plants such as cotton. This is because no artificial irrigation or planting is required to grow Beechwood and Lenzing is committed to using only wood from forests that apply prevailing forestry legislation and sustainability methods.
Stick around to see what other designs are in store, we have so many more ideas and all on sustainable, eco-friendly materials.
LENGTH: 19 3/8
CHEST (Flat: 1" below armhole): 18
CHEST (Flat: 1" below armhole): 19 1/2"
LENGTH: 20 5/8
CHEST (Flat: 1" below armhole): 21

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