Sterling Silver Tiger Iron Ring- Large Size 8


Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 70.00

Sterling Silver Tiger Iron Ring- Large

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Tiger Iron is magnificently bold in color and energy. I am obsessed with this circle motif, it reminds me of the planet Jupiter. This piece gives audacious vibes. Wearing this gives you the sense of courage and quirkiness.

There is nothing better than a distinctive ring. We believe that every bold bohemian should possess a bold ring such as this. No need for any other jewelry to pair with this beauty, unless you're like me and you believe the more the better.

Made from .925 sterling silver and a distinguishing piece of Tiger Iron.

Tiger Iron sometimes called Mugglestone, is a combination of Gold Tiger Eye, Hematite and Red Jasper. Its name refers to the composition of the stone, Tiger Eye and Hematite which is a stone rich in iron. Traditionally it has been used as a grounding stone to build stamina and encourage creative expression. It is the most energetically dynamic of all the grounding stones.  It is useful for self healing and encourages health, personal power, focused will and mental clarity. It is a protective stone and enhances creative expression, which allows one to feel more confident and capable of creating ones reality.

DIAMETER: 1 1/4"

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