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Hmong Batik Textile Girl's Skirt*


Designer: Hmong Tribe

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Hmong Batik Textile Girl's Skirt
This Hand made Hmong textile skirt is made by Hmong women in Thailand in a fair trade chain of production. While many women in Thailand are exploited by the sewing trade, which frequently pays seamstresses well under minimum wage, all of the women who make these skirts are paid at or above the Thai minimum wage. They are also provided, through workshops, extensive valuable craftsmanship and business training by Lana Textile Co..
    The textiles used are genuine batik. Please note that each skirt is unique in color and design. You may not receive the exact skirt as seen in the photo as each one in this color changes slightly.
"Hmong textile art consists of textile arts traditionally practiced by Hmong people. Closely related to practices of other ethnic minorities in China, the embroidery consists of bold geometric designs often realized in bright, contrasting colors. Different patterns and techniques of production are associated with geographical regions and cultural subdivisions within the global Hmong community.  For example, White Hmong are typically associated with reverse appliqué while Green Mong are more associated with batik. Since the mass exodus of Hmong refugees from Laos following the end of the Secret War, major stylistic changes occurred, strongly influenced by the tastes of the Western marketplace. Changes included colors that are more subdued and the invention of a new form of paj ndau often referred to as "story cloths." Because Hmong language did not become alphabetized until 1950, many Hmong refugees did not record their histories in writing. These “story cloths” became a recording and expression of both individual and collective experiences including trauma and loss across generations."
100% Cotton. 100% FAIR TRADE.
WAIST: 18"-22"
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