Antique Harar Necklace - Vintage Silver And Amber

Designer: Vintage Harar

$ 165.00

Antique Harar Necklace - Vintage Silver And Amber

Sourced from our unforgettable travels through Ethiopia and the great city of Harar comes our collection of one of kind vintage jewels. This stylish vintage piece is made up of antique African silver and genuine amber in rich red and beeswax yellow. Beads, engraved silver plaques and ornamental bells decorate this antique beauty that exudes chic sophistication.

Harar is a city that goes by many names, from the city of saints to a living museum and even the city of peace. Some Ethiopians consider it to be Islam's fourth holiest city after Mecca, Jerusalem and Medina. It’s surrounded by a centuries-old defensive wall that has several large gates, including Duke's Gate. The city is known for its maze like alleys, 368 alleys to be exact, squeezed into just one sq km. It is a holy Islamic city with many mosques. Harar was the crossroads for commerce between Africa, India and the Middle East and was a gateway for the spread of Islam into the Horn of Africa. This is why the jewelry has a significant middle-eastern influence.

 Its thick, five-meter-high walls were erected in the 16th century as a defensive response to the neighboring Christian Ethiopian Empire, but today Muslims and Christians share the city in peace, hence the CITY OF PEACE.

This piece is one of its kind. Estimated to be 70+ years old, real silver beads and authentic vintage amber.


LENGTH: 18.5"

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