Carnelian Silver Heart Earrings

Designer: Afghan

$ 75.00

Carnelian Silver Heart Earrings

  Exquisite hand etched sterling silver Afghan earrings made in Peshawar by Afghan refugees. The carnelian stones in the middle and dangling beads have great significance in Central Eastern cultures. It is the most used semiprecious stone and is thought to be powerful, meant in helping with healing and protecting from miscarriages also to ward against the evil eye.

Besides its striking orange aesthetic, the Carnelian crystal stone represents the hot cauldron of the lower three chakras. It's associated with taking bold action with its hot and fiery spirit that stimulates the root chakra, helping circulate vital energy to your center, which contains your deepest desires and powerful creative instincts. Whenever you're called on to perform in a creative performance either on stage or elsewhere you can access the healing properties of Carnelian, your fiery companion guiding you in facing your fears. Keep Carnelian by your side either as jewelry or as a stone in your purse or pocket and put plans into action with confidence.

This is a chance to truly appreciate a bit of Afghan/Pakistani history and the beauty of the culture of the nomadic Pashtoon tribes that wander the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, along ancient routes between the seasons, moving down from the mountains in the winter and back to their homes in the summer. The word Kuchi itself is derived from a Persian word meaning migration, in relation to nomads or gypsies, and does not describe a particular group or people, but rather a state of being. Many different peoples or tribes from these areas have been classified as Kuchi but the original migratory nomads of this area are the Pashtoon. The Kuchi are fiercely independent, usually wreathed in silver necklaces and dressed in spangling embroidery, and they stare boldly back from atop their camels when you cross them on the roads. Their jewelry is made to attract the eye and ward off evil spirits.


Sterling .925 silver and Carnelian stones and beads.

2 styles are available, double carnelian stone and single.

LENGTH: 3.5"
WIDTH: 1.5"

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