The BoBo Frida Hand Embroidered Black Blouse- Whimsical Crown- Large

Designer: Theodora

$ 45.00

Theodora Hand Embroidered Black Blouse- Whimsical Crown- Size L

*This item ships from SRI LANKA- Worldwide shipping available. 

Timeless hand embroidered tops with gorgeous designs in rich bold colors. Our signature Guatemalan shirts are hand embroidered by one of our favorite artisans, Theodora (pictured in the fourth photo).  Some designs are made from her whims, such as the archetypal motif of quetzals, the national bird of Guatemala, and some are embroidered with our own designs.

•This particular blouse features a rainbow whimsical of flowers with green accent leaves. The blouse is designed with a longer cut with the hem falling below the belly button and hitting right above the hips. The silhouette is loose and extremely comfortable with a flattering fit for all shapes. All embroidery is done by hand therefore each embroidery is individually unique to each top. There will be differences in variation in each top. 

•Every top is made from cotton and embroidered with cotton yarn in the best quality, these pieces will last a lifetime.

•This gorgeous top will turn heads, wear it over jeans, with our signatures skirts, shorts or leggings. The light cotton is airy and comfortable and the cut flatters every shape.

•Theodora is paid 1/3 in advance for each shirt sold while 1/3 goes to shipping and handling from Guatemala. We proudly carry her exquisite designs and hope to encourage lovely people like you to enjoy and support her embroidery. 

•Keep supporting the Fair Trade movement and authentic fashion. Nothing is better than hand embroidery from the cultures who make a lively hood from these traditions, say NO TO FAST FASHION, and support the originators of embroidery not mass-production.

•Wash normal, air dry.

BUST: 47.5”
WAIST: 45"
LENGTH: 22 1/4”
SIDE SLIT: 2 3/4

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