Hmong Fan Earrings- Hot Orange

Designer: Hmong Tribe

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Hot Orange Hmong Fan Earrings 
Both funky and elegant our Hmong earrings go with any outfit for any occasion. This gorgeous pair will be your staple earrings, made of vibrant colorful waxed thread and brass. They are hand made in a fair trade chain of production by the Hmong Hill Tribe people in Northern Thailand.
  "The Hmong are believed to have been the original inhabitants of the Yellow River Valley in ancient China. The expansion of the neighboring Chinese from the north, caused a disruption in the Hmong culture and forced them to migrate southwards to Laos and Vietnam to escape oppression and persecution. Over the centuries, many wars have been waged against the Chinese by the Hmong. Greatly outnumbered, the Hmong suffered heavy casualties. The futile efforts to establish themselves as an independent people apart from the expanding Chinese led to their mass exodus further south of China, and eventually into Southeast Asia. From here, they made their way into the territories of the European colonies that later gained independence and became known as Laos, Vietnam, and Myanmar. The Hmong came to inhabit the hillside of Thailand because of helping the Americans fight the Vietnam War. Today, the Hmong are located in the Thai Highlands."

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