Mandala Necklace - Green And Verdite

Designer: Mandalinchen

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Mandala Necklace - Green And Verdite

Our handmade mandala necklaces are great for everyday wear as well as a layering piece. They were first intended as meditation necklaces with a variety of calming stones that have meaning and give out certain energies.

Each necklace is handmade in collaboration with an artisan we met in Peru. The cords are cotton with a wax seal. All stones are sourced in South America and the brass mandala is the same on each piece.

 The great thing about these necklaces is that they are completely adjustable in lengths ranging from 16-32" long, so they can be fashioned as a choker to a long drop.

This particular piece has a verdite pendant.

Verdite is an earthling stone that aids meditation and spiritual exploration. In crystal body layouts or healing grids, Verdite stimulates the energy centers of the first four chakras to encourage the movement of the kundalini energy, marking the progression through the spiritual plane.

Adjustable 16-32"

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