The Thai Skirt Pleat- The Blushing Flirt*

Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 35.00

The Thai Skirt Pleat- The Blushing Flirt
One of our most popular items. We have been making these skirts since the beginning. With a fun array of colors and patterns, these cotton textiles from Thailand make a great skirt to dress up or down, with tights or not, in Summer or Winter.  They are hand made and now we have one of our favorite artisans to make them for us on a larger scale back in Thailand. Each season we change the patterns and only make 20 in each style, they are limited so collect them each year!
One size fits most!
Wash Normal. Do not put in dryer, air dry. 100% cotton.
WAIST WIDTH: 24"-34"

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