Vintage Traditional Q'ero Skirt

Designer: Q'ero Tribe-Indigenous Peruvian

$ 200.00

Vintage Traditional Q'ero Skirt
  Our beautiful vintage Q'ero skirt is a special piece. We had found a few of these rare skirts on our journey in the Peruvian Andes. This is a quick back story of where the skirt comes from.
     We traveled by bus and foot to this small quaint town in the mountains where the Q'ero people live and mostly speak Quechua.  The Q'ero people live in the Andes and survive off of potatoes, maize and their domestication of Llamas. They practice an active tradition of oral literature, with stories being passed down from generation to generation. Some Cusco anthropologists and spiritual pilgrims believe that the Q'ero are the direct descendants of the Inca. According to Q'ero mythology, their ancestors defended themselves from invading Spanish conquistadores with the aid of local mountain deities. They devastated the Spanish Army near Wiraquchapampa by creating an earthquake and a subsequent rock slide that buried the Spanish invaders. They still use Coca leaves every day for energy and ailments, and they still wear their traditional clothing and are masters at weaving.
  We met this extremely hospitable, beautifully dressed older woman named Yajaida who was making tassels and pompoms to adorn ceremonial items. She had invited us into her home to show us some vintage traditional Q'ero clothing that she wanted to sell to us since most Q'ero people are unfortunately impoverished and disenfranchised so any income they can get is much needed. We took the skirts with much appreciation and gave her enough income to sustain her family for more than a couple months.

  This is our mission: to support indigenous artists and keep their culture and tradition of clothes making alive. We still support the Peruvian weavers we have met and continue to buy vintage traditional clothing from women like Yajaida.

  This is a piece to be appreciated, adored and cherished. Made out of wool with intricate bright colored and sparkle embroidery.
The Skirt is adjustable and has two openings on the sides that you tie to fit. Dry clean only.
                                                       SIZE: SMALL
WAIST WIDTH: 24"-26"
SWEEP: 64"

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