Baby Alpaca Fringe Scarf- La Chamina

Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 55.00

 Baby Alpaca Fringe Scarf- La Chamina

Alpaca wool certainly has bragging rights here. It's simply the warmest all-weather friendly fiber. Alpaca fibers contain microscopic air pockets, providing great insulation keeping you super warm during the winter. These same air pockets allow for outstanding breathability, thus keeping you cool in the summer.

The La Chamina Fringe Scarf is such a classy, cozy, understated scarf that will go with just about anything. Baby Alpaca is the softest and this scarf is hand knit from baby Alpaca yarn in Peru, only natural dyes are used here.

Alpacas are shorn, without harm, every twelve to eighteen months. Because of its soft texture, alpaca fiber is sometimes compared to cashmere but it is much more sustainable and cruelty-free. The fiber also has the luster of silk, making it even more coveted. Alpaca is just as warm as wool, yet it is a mere 1/3 the weight.

Alpaca fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic. Most people who are sensitive to wool find that they can wear alpaca without the itching or irritation they feel from wool because alpaca fiber is smooth. Additional performance characteristics include stretch, water repellency, and odor reduction.

CARE INSTRUCTIONSHand wash gently in warm water with a mild soap and rinse in water of a similar temperature. Lay flat to dry on a clean, dry towel until the garment is completely dried to retain garment shape.
WIDTH: 11"

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