Hand Block Printed Scarf- Raw Silk- You Make me Smile

Designer: Varanasi Silks

$ 85.00

 Hand Block Printed Scarf- Raw Silk- You Make me Smile

  A delectable hand block printed raw silk scarf. This gorgeous, one of a kind
beauty has an incredible texture from the raw silk and most amazing smell, the block printed colors pop against the natural background. Raw silk gets softer with wear but it's important to know that it's not the same as silky smooth silk. It has rich texture! The lavish material keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the warmth.

Hand dyed and printed items may have inconsistencies of dye or print, this is what makes them one of a kind.

Traditional block printing is a way of dyeing fabric using intricately carved wooden blocks.

Firstly, a design must be drawn onto a book block and then carefully carved. Once the blocks are created for printing, a block printer must create a unique design using various blocks. Ink is then applied to the blocks and firmly pressed into the fabric. Often, there are matching blocks that represent the positive and negative space of the repeating pattern. It is a very intricate process that results in a completely one of a kind product because every print is done by hand and never exactly alike.

Block printing and natural dyeing have been passed down from generation to generation. Nowadays, with machine made fabric the beauty of this refined art is less known around the world and we are happy to share this beauty with you.

WIDTH: 26"

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