Sterling Silver Sparkly Green Aventurine Ring- Large Size 7.5

Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 60.00

Sterling Silver Sparkly Green Aventurine Ring- Large

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The aventurine quartz comes with natural sparkles. Flat, thin crystal inclusions in the stone sparkle in the light, causing aventurescence which is a metallic glitter effect arising from minute, preferentially oriented mineral platelets within the material. These platelets are so numerous that they also influence the material's body color. These minerals make the quartz appear blueish green which is such a serene, calming color. 

We believe that every bold bohemian should possess a bold ring such as this. The shape of the stone is both fun and funky, it can simply be worn alone. No need for any other jewelry to pair with this beauty, unless you're like me and you believe the more the better.

Made from .925 sterling silver and a glittery piece of Aventurine.

Aventurine crystal is known in the gemstone world as one of the luckiest stones, which makes it a must-have for inviting good luck and prosperity into your life. Besides boosting your luck in everyday situations, the Aventurine crystal healing properties are especially useful for high-stakes moments like job interviews, performances, important meetings, and even dates. Wherever you need luck on your side, Aventurine is the stone to call upon in your crystal collection.

LENGTH: 1 1/2"
WIDTH: 3/4"
SIZE: 7.5

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