Thai Hill Tribe Headdress

Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 65.00

Thai Hill Tribe Headdress

Own a traditional headdress made by the Akha tribe in Northern Thailand also known as the Thai Hill Tribe people. These pieces are not only beautiful but have so much history and artistic value.

This stunning hand crafted piece was made recently and is Loimi
Akha style. Rather than using actual coins or silver to adorn it, aluminum has been cut to mimic silver baubles and beads. Beaded strands sing softly with the tinkling sound of the large silver toned bells which adorn the front panels.

This charming little headdress is wearable and can be worn appropriately in respect to the Akha by valuing its beauty and understanding its history. It will fit just about any size head and is comfortable enough to be worn in a bohemian chic style just like the Akha.

Each piece sold directly helps the Akha as these are all certified Fair Trade.

A little about the makers and the culture behind these headdresses: 

The Akha have historically been the most economically depressed out of all the 40 district hill tribes which inhabit Southeast Asia. They are ethnically of Chinese descent but some argue they come from Tibet or even the Yunnan, regardless these are ancient people. They live in Laos, Myanmar, China & Thailand but are basically a nation-less people as they do not have a country or land of their own. They have migrated over time for a variety of reasons, none more glaring than war and other

The dress from the Akha are the most recognizable, such as their infamous headdresses which are perhaps the most spectacular and elaborate items of Akha dress. Akha women define their age or marital status with the style of headdress worn. At roughly age 12, the Akha female exchanges her child's cap for that of a girl's. A few years later she will begin to don the jejaw, the beaded sash that hangs down the front of her skirt and keeps it from flying up in the breeze. During mid-adolescence she will start wearing the adult woman's headdress. Headdresses are decorated by their owner and each is unique. Silver coins, monkey fur, and dyed chicken feathers are just a few of the things that might decorate the headdress. The headdresses differ by subgroup. According to an article about the variations in Akha headdress, "High Fashion, Hill Style", there are basic forms that come in 4 styles that reflect the age and status of the wearer within the community. The female wearer makes her own headdress whether as a girl or a woman, she creates from what inspires her by using beads, seeds, silver, aluminum, tassels, flowers, pompoms, coins or cowries. After it was created the wearer would put it on and never take it off, not even to sleep, she would simply wrap the headdress with a cloth. Although today the Akha prefer Western clothing they still dress in traditional garb for ceremonials, festivals or funerals.

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