Ethiopian Hand Woven Cotton Scarves In 6 Colors

Designer: Ethiopia Tribal

$ 78.00

Ethiopian Hand woven cotton scarves In 6 Colors

Luxurious hand woven cotton scarf made by Dorzé tribal men in Ethiopia.

The first tribe we stayed with in Ethiopia is the Dorze, they live about 25 km north of Arba Minch roughly 2500m high on a mountain. The Dorze are known for their pottery and weaving. Pottery is made from local mud clay in which they make the iconic coffee pots out of. Their weaving is of cotton cloths such as gabbi robes, scarf like netalas, and shama cloths which are regarded as the finest in all of Ethiopia. Here you’ll see in the photos the women spooling the cotton and the men traditionally do the weaving. The end result is the most luxurious cotton cloth you’ll ever feel!

•This warm and cozy scarf is made from raw and unprocessed cotton which is grown in the cotton plantations in Ethiopia and hand spooled by the women, no dyes, no chemicals are added. Then the spooled cotton is hand woven by the men, including the designed accents with gold acrylic. 

•You will appreciate the beauty but also the integrity of the craftsmanship. It's also just the coziest little blanket for your neck.

: 73" (DORZE 71")
WIDTH: 23" (DORZE 11")

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