Vintage 19th Century Turkmen Silver - The Future Is Female Cuffs

Designer: BoBo GloBal

$ 500.00

 Vintage 19th Century Turkmen Silver - The Future Is Female Cuffs

A tremendous find from our artisans in Turkmenistan, these are authentic antique Turkmen silver cuffs from the Tekke tribe inhabiting Turkmenistan and neighboring countries such as Afghanistan and Iran. Dating from 1870, these 19th century powerful, ornate cuffs epitomizes the ostentatious fashion of the time.

 These are gorgeous antique tribal 500-800 fine silver* cuffs with pale gold gilding, eye cabochon carnelian stones, and features a characteristic engraved decoration. 

They are fairly heavy but they convey the strength of the powerful female, this is why we feel like they are the perfect warrior type accessories. To be bold in these is an understatement, these showcase a much bigger statement. They are timeless and exquisite pieces of jewelry, something to keep forever and to hand down in your family for generations to come, a true heirloom.

Keep the 'future is female sentiment' in your jewelry box!

Not adjustable, It does not bend much so please make sure it will fit your wrist.

Model has 6" in Circumference wrist

*Has been authenticated and appraised for fine jewelry value.

Teke is a major and historically one of the most influential modern Turkmen tribes. The Teke tribe can be subdivided into two, the Akhal Teke and Mary Teke. The Teke militarily resisted, mostly successfully, Persian incursions in the 19th century. The Teke came under Russian colonial rule in the 1880s. Though the Turkmen tribes defeated Russian troops during the first incursion of 1870, a subsequent invasion between 1880 and 1881, culminating in the second Battle of the Gokdepe resulted in imposition of Russian imperial authority. Today members of Teke tribe are found predominantly in the southeastern regions of Turkmenistan. They represent over a third of Turkmenistan's population (more than 1.6 million, as of 2014).


Engraved, 500-900 fine silver, carnelian stones, Gold brush

WEIGHT:  approx. 450 grams

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