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All our products are hand made in a Fair Trade chain of production from start to finish. We design, make and buy our clothing from talented artisans, tribes or small family owned manufacturers from around the world. Our line celebrates the diversity of ethnic palettes and unique tones.

BoBo GloBal is fashion that embodies vibrant colors, comfort, flow and denotes positive energy. Whether you’re a boho chic chick, yogi, yuppie, she-devil, spiritual follower, gypsy, hippie or anyone who loves bohemian style we hope you gain from our products a sense of happiness, comfort, freedom and love of life.

Our Philosophy

What’s important to us are the people we sell to and the people that help make our products and fabric. Our business model is to be responsible and respectful to people, animals and the EARTH.  This is why we promote fair wages, sustainability, healthy living and a celebration of diversity.

Alexia and Eddie who created BoBo GloBal are experienced entrepreneurs with many years in the creative industries of music, fashion and entertainment.  They want to help support creative and alternative healthy lifestyles that are all about being informed and positive to the EARTH.  BoBo GloBal will hopefully be the beginning of their quest to enrich people’s lives with positive energy.

Through Fair Trade, sustainability and respect to all living beings we can make this world a positive happy place for us all. Join US!

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