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All our products are made in a Fair Trade chain of production from start to finish. We design, make and buy our clothing from talented artisans, indigenous peoples or Fair Trade certified manufacturers from around the world. Our line celebrates the diversity of ethnic palettes and unique tones.
BoBo GloBal  is fashion that embodies vibrant colors, comfort, fluidity and denotes positive energy. Whether you’re a boho chic chick, yogi, yuppie, bougee babe, she-devil, spiritual follower, gypsy, hippie or anyone who loves bohemian style we hope you gain from our products a sense of happiness, comfort, freedom, cultural appreciation and love of life.
Our Philosophy
What’s important to us are the people we sell to and the people that help make our products and fabric. Our business model is to be responsible and respectful to people, animals and the EARTH.  This is why we promote fair wages, sustainability, healthy living and a celebration of diversity.
Alexia Sobrado founded BoBo GloBal in 2014 in a quest for creative freedom and exploring alternatives to fast fashion. She spent many years in fashion doing archival vintage clothing and accessories. A trip to South East Asia and the clothing factories there from Western brands opened her eyes to the inequality of social and labor standards in the textile and garment sector. She decided to create a brand that would align with a paradigm shift in fashion and promote authenticity, fair trade, sustainability and the old traditions in clothes making i.e: weaving, embroidery, knit, block printing etc.. Some important pillars in this change that BoBo GloBal believes:
  • Supporting fair wages/fair trade in fashion
  • Buying vintage & second hand
  • Transparency of fashion brands; where, how and who is making these clothes
  • Mending already owned fashion
  • Buying well made authentic fashion
  • Promoting ethical brands and sustainable textiles
  • Sustaining from big corporate giants that enable fast fashion and cultural appropriation
Felicia Lieto, a BoBo GloBal co-designer & partner, is experienced in fashion retail & design. She and Alexia met in New York City and established a shared passion for ethical fashion. They also both love to travel, have deep respect for other cultures and the same admiration for iconic powerful women such as Frida Kahlo, Nina Simone and Angela Davis. They want to help support creative and alternative healthy lifestyles that are all about being informed and being positive to the EARTH.  BoBo GloBal will be a leading brand in ethical fashion and the beginning of their work to enrich people's lives with an enlightened taste of the world through clothing.
With the promotion of Fair Trade, sustainability and respect to all living beings we can make this world a more positive place for us all.
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